About me


How nice of you to check out my website! My name is Laura, a Dutch 28 year old, and together with my fiance and two cats I live in a small town in the Netherlands.

My fiance and me in Central Park, New York

My fiances name is M. and our cats are named Dikkie (Fatty, fat ass, etc.) and Panda (also known as Draak, a Dutch nickname which means dragon, ’cause she is so horrible).

I got a bachelors degree in Chemistry and ‘ve worked a few years for a small chemical company. Currently I work as a project manager for a large biotech company.

Panda, I know. This name for a striped cat. She came with this name from the shelter.
Dikkie, our black panter, who is on a permanent diet and is making sure the neighbors cats don’t leave any food in their trays.

In my spare time I love reading books and I learned how to sail in a small dingy this year so I love that too.

I absolutely hate running (so I do everything I can to avoid it) and everything bitter (besides my one cappuccino in the morning).

So that is me in short, you’ll get to know me better over time and you can always ask.

Have fun reading!

Cheers, Laura